White Fillings in Milton Keynes

In years gone by and on the NHS, even today, they continue to offer silver amalgam fillings.  At Oxley Park Dental Practice we usually recommend white fillings.  These are of very high quality and when completed, look just like natural teeth.  We can also change your silver fillings to white ones if you like.  Just talk to us about it.

I have had a mouth full of silver fillings done on the NHS.  No one even offered any white fillings until I came to Oxley Park Dental Practice.  The silver ones got progressively blacker over the years and I was most embarrassed to smile.  Dr Bechar changed them to white ones and showed me before and after photos.  Gosh what a difference!  Thank you so much.


To book a white fillings consultation in Milton Keynes or for more information, please contact us via our contact form or by giving us a call on: 01908 867055