Milton Keynes Dental Sedation

Almost a third of patients avoid visiting a dentist due to fear.  This fear and lack of regular care can result in severe dental problems in time.  We can help you if you have this kind of fear by providing dental sedation in the form of oral sedation or intravenous sedation.  Oral sedation is given by taking a tablet and intra venous sedation is given by injecting a drug into your vein.  Both result in a quiet relaxed frame of mind so that dental treatment can be completed effectively.

Why don’t you discuss your fear and concerns with us and we’re sure we can help you.

Dental sedation is not the same as an anaesthetic. You will not be unconscious or ‘asleep’ and remain aware of everything that is happening at all times. The medicine works by helping you to feel more relaxed and working to eliminate any feelings of fear or anxiety that you may be experiencing.

We offer intravenous sedation dentistry in Milton Keynes. Intravenous sedation uses a sedative medication which the dentist will give you through a soft plastic tube inserted into a vein – usually on the back of one of your hands. The IV is not painful and is a fast and effective way of delivering the medication which allows it to take effect swiftly.

It is important to remember that, unlike a general anaesthetic which puts you into a deep sleep, you will still be conscious and able to cooperate with the dentist, respond to instructions, and take care of yourself throughout the procedure. Sedation also does not usually have the lengthy after-effects of anaesthesia, meaning you can get back to your everyday life much sooner.

As well as alleviating anxiety and making dental treatment easier for nervous patients, sedated dental treatment in Milton Keynes is an excellent option for young children; patients with additional needs which may make it hard for them to remain still (e.g. Parkinson’s); and during complicated, or unusually painful, procedures.

If you think that you may benefit from sedation dentistry here in Milton Keynes, telephone us today for a consultation.