Mouthguards & Sports Guards in Milton Keynes

Mouthguards to treat joint problems

If you have suffered injury to your jaw joint/s or grind your teeth at night you may develop muscle spasm around your joint making function quite painful and difficult. This habit may lead to severe headaches and upper back pain which may not be relieved by painkillers. In such a situation you may benefit from a mouthguard or occlusion device. You would wear such a device to bed and during the day if possible and this could greatly assist in relieving the severe symptoms described above.

If you have been experiencing such pain or problems then don’t hesitate to contact us for help.


If you participate in contact sports such as karate, rugby and so on it is vitally important that you protect your teeth with a sportsguard. A sportsguard may be purchased from a sports shop but these are not custom made. It is always advisable to have a custom made sportsguard for best protection and comfort. This will go a long way in preventing damage to your teeth and jaw bones. A growing child may require new sportguards with a change in development.

Dr Bechar recommended a sportsguard as I play rugby. I just had one fitted and suffered a horrific tackle in one of my games. The sportsguard saved my teeth.