Cosmetic Dentistry in Milton Keynes

Cosmetic dentistry is an art form which enables you to have the best smile ever. Whether you have gaps or missing teeth, discoloured teeth, worn or chipped teeth or ugly crooked teeth we can help you have the perfect smile. Don’t wait any longer come and talk to us!

The Process

We will first arrange a consultation to carry out a thorough examination which would involve x-rays and photographs and carefully listen to what you are unhappy with and how you would like your smile to change.

We then prepare special models which shows how your new smile will be before proceeding with any work. If you’re happy at this stage and after carefully and precisely sculpting your teeth to the required design, prototypes are made and fitted.

These are an exact replica of your smile model. This is  your new smile in temporary form and allows you to ‘test drive’ your smile, and ask the opinions of friends and family before the final restorations are fitted. At this stage, adjustments can be made to the temporaries, which are then transferred to your final smile. The final restorations are then prepared in porcelain to give you the perfect smile you always dreamt of. Finally your perfect smile is ready for you by  duplicating the planned design.

The final porcelain restorations will be more life -like than the prototypes as they are made from the latest high-quality porcelain, and will have been hand-sculpted by our exclusive master technicians to make your smile perfect but natural at the same time.

Now you can go out and show off your beautiful new smile!

To book a cosmetic dentistry consultation in Milton Keynes or for more information, please contact us via our contact form or by giving us a call on: 01908 867055

I have been embarrassed to smile for many years and had low self esteem since my school days because of my yellow and crooked teeth.  Dr. Bechar has changed my smile and life completely and I am a confident outgoing person now.  Thank you so much!