Generally, a good guideline would be about 6 months following the eruption of the first tooth.

It is a good time as first time parents will also be given valuable advice on how to take care of the infant’s teeth and good habits formed early last a lifetime!

There is really no excuse for a child to develop tooth decay if the parents are fulfilling their role properly. Diet and care advice will be given early to guide in the right direction and so how can tooth decay develop?

Your child will also get used to routine dental visits and form a relationship with your dentist and his/her team.

A good way to prepare your child is to read a good book about the first dental visit so they can get familiar with the dental chair, overhead light and so on. Also they will be know what to expect so less apprehension.

Infants usually sit in their parent’s lap while being examined so they’re completely comfortable and reassured at all times.

I hope this information has been useful!

We look forward to your little one’s visit!!