I’m sure you’ve developed mouth ulcers at some point in your life and you’ll remember that they’re quite painful!

A mouth ulcer is a painful inflamed sore on the oral mucosa, which often seems to be burning at the periphery: every third individual has at one point had such a lesion – an aphthous ulcer. Often they resolve after a brief period of time. In 2% to 10% of patients these lesions are recurrent and require medical treatment.If your ulcer is not getting better you need to see your dentist urgently!!
Unfortunately, what causes ulcers is unclear but we do know that some factors do predispose to it.

Some factors identified to date are: iron, folic acid and vitamin B12 deficiency as well as mucosal injuries ( like a tooth brush slipping) can lead to aphthous ulcers. Patients are advised as a prophylactic measure to avoid firm, acidic and salty foods, alcohol and carbonated beverages as this can cause a burning sensation and aggravate pain.

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