Caring for your baby’s/children’s teeth!
Taking care of your baby’s teeth is just as important as taking care of your own!
Your baby’s first tooth will most likely be a bottom front one, although tooth eruption varies. Some babies are born with a tooth and some may cut teeth late.
Eventually your baby will have 20 milk teeth, these should all be through by the time they are 2 and a half.
Brushing for your children or supervised brushing should be carried out until the child is roughly 9 years of age and have the dexterity to brush well themselves!
Electric toothbrushes clean far better than we can manually, it is best for children to use manual and electric so they learn how to brush well for themselves.
When cleaning baby’s teeth using a piece of gauze or muslin may be easier.
– Wrap the gauze around your finger, you can use a tiny smear of toothpaste or none at all
– Wipe around the teeth and gums
If your child does not like having their teeth cleaned, you can try using different methods like
– Giving them their own toothbrush to hold
– Letting them brush their own teeth (with your help at times)
As soon as the first few teeth have erupted you should take your child for a dental visit!

Fluoride levels
Toddlers (3 and under) – Should be using a toothpaste with lower fluoride levels, somewhere in the region of 1,000 ppm (parts per million)
Children (4 and older) – Can start to use the normal family toothpaste which should contain between 1,350ppm and 1,500ppm, supervised brushing is still advised to help prevent fluoride ingestion.
Choose toothpaste that is minty rather than sweet or fruity to help teach children that toothpastes are not food.