If you have a child who still swallows his/her toothpaste, it is best to just wet the bristles with some toothpaste rather than use even a pea size of toothpaste.  A fluoride toothpaste swallowed in access can lead to health problems. Also always assist with toothbrushing until the child is able to do the job well by themselves. A good way to check is to use plaque disclosing tablets. This is a tablet they would chew on either before or after brushing. The tablet contains a dye which stains plaque ( which is not so easy to see). The visible plaque can then be removed if the tablet is chewed before brushing. If the dye shows plaque after brushing it would indicate where to improve your brushing technique.  We have some plaque disclosing tablets in the surgery so pop in and we can help! Happy brushing!