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Why you shouldn’t use whitening toothpaste!

    Did you know that whitening toothpaste is far too abrasive? For a start, in addition to the fact that they cost far more than normal toothpaste, these tooth-whitening pastes don’t actually make your teeth any whiter.... they simply remove surface staining that’s caused by things like coffee and red wine. Only a few [...]

Top 5 Embarrassing Oral Health Problems …….Solved!

Bad breath, unsightly mouth sores, and tooth decay: We've got a solution for all of your dental-health dilemmas. The best way to keep your mouth, teeth and gums looking and feeling great? A good daily brushing, flossing and mouth rinse routine, combined with a balanced diet and regular dental visits. However, following these dental commandments [...]

What you need to know about Oral Cancer

What You Need to Know About Oral Cancer Regular dental exams can detect oral cancers early and more importantly before they've spread. It is more than likely that your dentist will probably see the signs before you do. Oral cancer can affect any part of the mouth, lips, or the back of the throat. Most [...]

How often should you change your toothbrush?

How often should you change your toothbrush? Tips for a squeaky clean toothbrush To take care of your toothbrush and teeth, it’s important to use your toothbrush the way it is meant to by rinsing it with tap water and letting it air dry. Store your toothbrush in an upright position, if you’re really fastidious [...]

How to Prevent Teeth Grinding

How to Prevent Teeth Grinding Do you find that you’re grinding your teeth at night? This condition, called Bruxism, can be very painful. Many people are unaware they are doing it, but if you wake up in the morning with jaw pain or headaches, you may be grinding your teeth during the night, a condition [...]

Why we have morning breath?

Why do we have morning breath? Have you ever wondered why your breath is not so pleasant in the mornings? Learn about the most common causes of halitosis (bad breath) and what we can do to combat that sour morning breath. Is this a familiar scenario? You wake up in the morning and quickly cover [...]


Anxiety in the Dentist’s Chair There are not many people out there who like going to the dentist, but for some people, even the thought of it can bring on such fear that they avoid it all together. Some people’s fear of the dentist or having a dental procedure done, is so severe that they [...]

Sensitive teeth affecting your lifestyle?

We can help!! Have a look at the article below. The Biggest Causes of Tooth Sensitivity Are your teeth sensitive? From acidic foods to certain toothpastes, a number of culprits could be to blame. Does eating ice cream make you say “ouch” — or do you find yourself wincing when you brush or floss? You [...]

Good Oral health is related to good health!

Oral Hygiene and Your Overall Health Poor oral health has been linked to heart disease, stroke, and other health problems. But by changing certain habits, you can improve the health of your mouth and teeth and reduce your risk. The Role of Diet and Lifestyle in Oral Health A number of dietary habits and lifestyle [...]